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How do you structure your team? What are the right talents and skill sets? How do you find the right people to fill these critical roles? All of these questions must be addressed early in the license application process. Many first-time operators underestimate the importance of developing their staff at the beginning, when, in fact, your staffing plan can determine whether or not you win a license. The New Roots Media team of cannabis consultants brings the knowledge and the connections to develop your staffing plan and find the right people to fill crucial roles.


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What may be a minor mistake in a traditional business can end up jeopardizing your cannabis license and your entire operation. Identifying essential roles and staffing them with the right people is the first step in establishing a culture of compliance.

The finding and filling of those important first employee and management positions can become essential for the long-term prospects of a cannabis company. Our team sources the highest caliber talent that includes the right mix of industry veterans with regulated cannabis experience, plus new talent with critical skills from leaders outside the industry.

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