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Cannabis Product Manufacturing & Extraction

Whether you’re new to the industry or have been cultivating, manufacturing, or extracting for some time, state and local regulations can be difficult to navigate and understand. New Roots is here to walk you through your state’s regulations and ensure the utmost quality and safety in every product your facility produces. New Roots is proficient in production and extraction methodologies and best practices from many years of assisting other big name brands and clientele.

The most essential requirements of high-quality product manufacturing and extraction are:

Industry regulatory compliance


Professional, efficient extraction and manufacturing training and safety of employees, testing lab workers, consumers, and the facility’s community


Creation of distinctive, high-quality extract products


Proper extraction and manufacturing methodology and production machinery


High-quality production strategies


Safe processing and extraction procedures


Effective research and development practices


Retail and medical dispensary access and knowledge


Patient and consumer outreach

About Processing Cannabis

Your cannabis extracts and products are the heart and soul of your business; they should reflect who you are as a company and your vision for contributing to the overall health and wellness of your cannabis community. Your products and packaging should demonstrate the highest level of cannabis compliance and adherence to both state and local regulations, ensuring safety for the community, workers, and your consumers.  New Roots Media’s knowledge and experience will guide you through the process of creating your cannabis business or evaluating it for efficiency and productivity. We are proudly certified and are personally producing varieties of concentrates. Our chemists are the best in the industry and allow us to produce top quality products. Contact us today to help with your lab!


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