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Brand and Marketing Integration

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What helps gain your brand traction?

Brand and Marketing Integration

Marketing and Brand Integration (also called product integration) is the placement of a brand or product into the existing storylines of a film, TV show, music video, streaming network, or big-time influencer programming. James Bond races an Aston Martin, Orange is the New Black characters gobble Dunkin’ Donuts, or influencers promote your product on one of there many social media pages. It’s more involved and impactful as the brand authentically advances the storylines or characters, lending a sense of realism to both the story and your brand.

Industry Network

Our team at New Roots has spent the last 10 years developing long lasting relationships with the top talent agencies and networks in the world, and we possess a large roster of artists, actors, actresses, and social media influencers, that are set on working with the newest and most innovative brands who intend on leaving long-lasting impressions for many years to come. The broad spectrum of product placement and brand integration has great benefits and immediate results.

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