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New Roots Media is a Creative agency that provides go-to-market solutions to the cannabis industry nation-wide. Headquartered in Marina Del Rey, CA. We are a team of seasoned doctors, engineers and business professionals with decades of experience working for national B2B and CPG brands, and providing guidance through state licensing and facility buildout.

We have been at the epicenter of the industry for over a decade, and believe in the legalization of marijuana wholeheartedly. We take pride in doing things right from the start with a solid foundation, and want to help our clients attain all business goals. That’s why we started an agency focused on this thriving new industry. Contact us or set an appointment to come discuss your future canna-business plans and to see our complete portfolio.

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Our Services

New Roots provides a huge variety of professional services and branding tools to the new and established Canna- business’ worldwide.

Free Digital Analysis

Law and Compliance

Our experienced compliance professionals can help you navigate your own set of regulations based on your operations and location. Another benefit of trusting New Roots Media with your compliance concerns is the team’s broad network of relationships and track record of industry advocacy. The New Roots Media Team can connect you with with committees, lobbyists, and other resources to help refine regulations favorable to business in your area.

Growth and Optimization

In this rapidly evolving industry, one of the most common goals among existing operators is to grow into new markets and then establish additional locations. New Roots Media helps to scale businesses by adapting existing policies and procedures to be compliant in new markets. In addition, we can help to hire and train the talent needed to operate new businesses successfully and ensure that you meet the positive ROI you expect.


How do you structure your team? What are the right talents and skill sets? How do you find the right people to fill these critical roles? All of these questions must be addressed early in the license application process. Many first-time operators underestimate the importance of developing their staff at the beginning, when in fact your staffing plan can determine whether or not you obtain a license. The New Roots Media team brings the experience and the connections to develop your staffing plan and find the right people to fill critical roles.

Business Development

Devising a comprehensive, long-term plan is the first step to building a successful business. New Roots Media works with our clients to design personalized business plans with detailed financial models that can be used to secure needed capital, recruit key executive-level talent, and provide a foundation for future application development. The in-depth plans cover these key areas: Industry and Market Analysis, Operations Plan – Full Scope, Financial Plan, Modeling and Scaling.

Start Up and Investor Relations

After working hard to win a state license, many entrepreneurs underestimate how important the engineering and design phase is to the overall success of their operation. Many entreprenuers rush to hire a commercial builder to start a design-build process for their cannabis facility without planning first. While this may look like the best and quickest way to become operational, this non-industrial approach is a sure path to spending more time and money in the long run while not impacting the local, national, or global market.

Grow and Manufacturing Facility

Your cannabis or industrial hemp extracts and products are the foundation of your business; they should reflect who you are as a commercial business and your vision for contributing to the overall health and wellness of the world market. Your products should demonstrate the highest level of cannabis compliance and adherence to both state and local regulations; ensuring safety for the community, workers, and your consumers on every level. New Roots’ far-reaching knowledge and experience will guide you seamlessly through the process of creating your cannabis business, as well as consistently evaluating it for efficiency and productivity.

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What drives great results

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Hit the Ground Running

When offering custom solutions its an absolute must we understand the company’s character and vision through and through. This enables us to generate a business solution that are both practical and pleasing to clients and investors. We make it a point to know the ins and outs of both our client and their industry when coming up with new ideas. From the initial concept to completion, our team works hard towards effectively bringing our clients’ vision to life.

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What Clients Say?

  • “Very Impressed with the scope of new roots services. These guys know how to keep there clients in the loop and make you feel like you are apart of the entire process.”

    John Franklin
    Grow Facility Owner
  • ” I had a facility project that needed extra hands immediately. i had to hire and complete in a timely fashion, and being a canna-business owner can be extremely hard and stressful, but i found New Roots and these guys are a godsend, they not only helped me complete the project, they helped me retain reliable, long term employees and provided assistance in attaining residual business”

    Jane Topel
    Web Marketing Analyst
  • “We have a huge ad spend budget, and once we linked up with New Roots, they truly maximized and appropriated our budget to the right channels and we have seen tremendous traction in leads, the numbers don’t lie, we’ve been provided bi weekly analytic reporting on all our campaigns and it’s been a tremendous work experience.”

    Paul Thompson
    CEO Of Real Estate Company.

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